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Filmmaking for Social Change

DOCUMENTARY FOR HEALTH & SOCIAL JUSTICE is an interdisciplinary course offered at San Francisco State University where students research the role of social and economic conditions as a cause of disease, learn to use the medium of Cinema to participate in public dialogue, and examine how documentary can be used as a community-building tool. 

Students research and create short documentary films to educate and advocate for change on a health and social justice issue of choice.

We are pleased to present four new films created Fall 2008:

  • Learn about Port of Oakland truck drivers advocating for healthier  work conditions in RACE TO THE BOTTOM a 20-minute documentary film. 
  • ONE SISTER AT A TIME: POSITIVE WOMEN'S STORIES is a 15-minute documentary that explores the lives of four HIV positive women.
  • CANNABIS: THERAPEUTIC POTENTIAL is a 10-minute film that investigates how existing legislation actually limits research on medical marijuana.
  • Sign up for a bit of laughter yoga to brighten your day in LAUGHTER(RX) NO HARMFUL SIDE EFFECTS, a 15-minute documentary film.


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